Tallahassee Fire Academy

Official Logo of the Tallahassee Fire AcademyEstablished in 2007, the Tallahassee Fire Academy began as a partnership between the City of Tallahassee and Tallahassee Community College. With an average pass rate of 90 percent on the Two-Part State exam, the Tallahassee Fire Academy is one of the top academies in the state of Florida.
Firefighting is one of the most challenging—and most respected—professions. Firefighters are the community’s first line of defense against loss of life and property. In addition to fighting fires, they are often the first responders in a medical emergency. Firefighters take decisive action under difficult circumstances, perform strenuous physical tasks and have a strong commitment to public service. Through TCC’s Firefighter Certification Program, you will learn basic firefighting skills – such as climbing ladders, pulling hose, working with rope, extricating victims from wrecked vehicles, fighting fire and maintaining equipment. You will also learn about communications, fire prevention and handling hazardous materials emergencies. Your skills will be evaluated through written and practical tests. Most firefighters are employed by County and City fire departments.
Pursuant to Florida Statute Chapter 633, individuals seeking employment as a professional firefighter in the state of Florida, must possess a firefighter certification. Many continue their professional development by becoming certified as emergency medical technicians or paramedics. Experienced firefighters may also pursue training in the control of hazardous materials, management of forest fires, urban search and rescue and other specialties.

Veterans eligible for Troops and Firefighters can participate in a full-time program and have their course fees covered under the G.I. Bill. To get started, click here and follow the regular steps to apply to the Fire Academy.

Steps to Apply


Contact Richard Barineau, Program Coordinator, at (850)558-4366 or barineri@tcc.fl.edu or Courtney Kelly at (850)201-7074 or kellyc@tcc.fl.edu.