Oyster Aquaculture

Oyster aquaculture student pulls oyster cage out of waterThe oyster aquaculture certificate program was developed as a sustainable alternative to wild oyster harvesting in response to the depleting level of oysters in the waters of Wakulla, Franklin and Gulf Counties. Threats caused by overharvesting, the BP oil spill and a narrowing of public combing areas led many to find work in alternative industries.

Steering oystermen back into the industry creates a domino effect which will benefit the region’s economy. This leads to new aquaculture businesses and a need for specialized equipment and facilities. 

Program Details

The program’s mission is to provide residential oysterman and fishermen the tools to open their own businesses by offering training on how to farm-raise oysters in Wakulla County.

Non-credit certificate course work covers farming methodology, aquaculture rules and regulations, lease set up, crop management and boater safety. Students will learn both in a classroom setting and on WEI’s 5-acre management agreement lease site.

Introduction to Oyster Farming

Registration Open July 29, 2022!

Next Class: September 12, 2022 - February 6, 2023

This abridged 16-week program teaches students the basics in operating and efficiently working on an oyster lease. Course work takes place both in the classroom and on TCC-WEI’s five acre submerged land lease and covers different farming methods, proper lease set-up, state-mandated rules and regulations, and lease management. No equipment is provided to students enrolled in this course.

Registration Fee: $300
Course Code: 
CWE 0002-5

 **Due to Covid-19 restrictions, we will be limiting the class capacity to 15 students in order to ensure proper social distancing protocols can be put in place for a safe learning environment. Should we receive additional interest in our course that exceeds the 15 person in class limit, we will offer participation through zoom to those students. The first 15 students to register will be offered priority for the in-person class experience. We will still offer boat time to students, the number of students allowed on our boat at one time may be limited. Students are welcome to attend field days with their own boat if they have the means to do so.**


Class meets every Monday, 6-9 p.m. (excluding holidays and campus closure during Mid-Year Break.

Note: This is a non-credit course, which is not eligible for financial aid or state employee tuition reimbursement.

For more information about this certification program, contact us at wei@tcc.fl.edu or (850) 558-3500.

Interested in the program? Request more information here.