Meet Our Scholarship Recipients

September 18, 2017

Each year hundreds of TCC students are awarded scholarships due in part to the generous donations provided by the faculty and staff of TCC as part of The Campaign for TCC. Let's meet some of this year's scholarship recipients:


Gerain AriasName: Gerain Arias

Hometown: Miami Beach

Why TCC: I felt Tallahassee is a peaceful place with not many distractions, which are exactly what I need to stay away from so I can earn my degree in a reasonable timeframe and transfer to FSU for film.

Education Plans: I want to knock out all of my core classes and focus on expanding my knowledge and experience in the field of cinematography.

Career Plans: The plan is to become an actor/director and share my vision and messages through the art of film, and connect with a worldwide audience.

Scholarship: My scholarship was given to me because people believed in me and the success I could bring, and now I believe in myself and what I am capable of doing. My scholarship pushes me to keep going.



Name: Gerald Lacey

Hometown: Leesburg

Why TCC: I choose TCC because it was the eighth-best community college in the nation at the time. In other words, I would have the opportunity to get an education from the "Ivy League" of community colleges.

Education Plans: My goals are to earn an A.A. degree at Tallahassee Community College with Honors; second, earn a bachelor’s degree and MBA at the Florida A & M University School of Business and Industry; and finally, a Ph.D. in business administration at Harvard Business School.

Career Plans: My 10-year career goals are to finish college, become a CEO of a fortune 500 company, start an Internet Marketing Company and become financially free.

Scholarship: Scholarships allow me to be a full-time student, help reduce the financial stress related to the cost of education and focus on school. They allow me more time to volunteer at high schools and in other community events to help promote TCC.



Name: Keyana Miller

Hometown: Quincy

Why TCC: I chose TCC because as a high school student, I was dual enrolled, and after graduation I decided to stay at TCC to complete the remaining courses needed to receive my A.A. degree.

Education Plans: I plan to receive my A.A. degree from TCC and continue my education at Florida State University.

Career Plans: I am going to go to medical school to pursue a career as a physician.

Scholarship: My scholarship is important to me because I am not able to receive financial aid. It plays a part in helping me pay for the current classes needed to receive my degree, along with saving money to pay my way through medical school.