Webinars & Recordings

Webinars: Live and On-Demand

As members of a variety of organizations we have access to many live webinars, as well as on-demand webinars covering an array of topics in teaching and learning, administration, safety and security, and so much more! Discover how to access webinars from each organization and don’t forget to verify your participation in the web form.


Webinars are free with our institutional membership. Create your own free account with AAC&U selecting TCC as the institution and you can then register for any webinar for free. Create an account here. Once logged in, select the desired webinar from the “store home.”


Webinars are free with our institutional membership; individuals use a shared college login. Webinars are listed online and can be registered using links below each webinar: https://www.nisod.org/webinars/upcoming-webinars/ Username: tcc.fl.edu | Password: nisod921

Online Learning Consortium – Live and On Demand

The Online Learning Consortium (OLC) offers a variety of webinars for free to member colleges. Webinars are updated throughout the year and the list of upcoming webinars can be viewed here. Many webinars are live and must be viewed at the specified time and date. To view recorded webinars, select the “On Demand Webinars” tab in the “find a webinar” section. After finding a desired webinar, select “register” (for live) or “watch now” (for On Demand) and enter your information to participate. TCC is a member and you will receive an email with webinar access information.