Student Life Skills (SLS)

Enrolling in a Student Life Skills course, also known as College Success Classes, can increase your chance of success in college and in your career. You’ll gain valuable leadership experience, time management and study skills, and a better understanding about your strengths that will help you succeed in the workplace.


SLS 1301- Career Planning

Career Planning provides an opportunity for the student to apply decision-making techniques in the selection of a career that is compatible with one's developing lifestyle, personal interests, and aptitudes, and to establish an educational plan through which career goals can be pursued. The student is actively engaged in exploring individual strengths and weaknesses, as well as career opportunities, through interaction in the community and through the Career Information Center.

Contact: 1 hour

SLS 1510- College Success

College Success builds and reinforces skills necessary for college and career success. Topics include motivation, goal-setting, learning styles, time management, test skills, reading textbooks and memory skills. This course also covers topics such as wellness, interpersonal relationships, employability skills, financial management, choosing a college major and other career planning topics.

This is a General Education Requirement for the A.A. degree. (Grade of C or better is required.)

Contact: 3 hours

SLS 2261-Dynamics of Leadership Development

Dynamics of Student Leadership Development introduces students to the dynamics of organizational behavior, with emphasis on the relationship between “self” and “group” in the leadership process. Students explore leadership in relation to individuality, group dynamics, career development, peer mentoring and community engagement. Topics include personal and group goal-setting, decision-making, self-assessments, conflict resolution, communication skills, teambuilding, and theories and styles of leadership.

This is a General Education Requirement for the A.A. degree. (Grade of C or better is required.)

Contact: 3 hours

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Service Learning

At TCC, Service Learning is a teaching and learning strategy that integrates meaningful community service with instruction and reflection.

As an integral part of all Dynamics of Leadership Development (SLS 2261) classes, students are required to complete a project of their choosing that fits within the Service Learning criteria. Students can work with any established TCC community partner or an outside organization of their choice. At the end of the semester, the service hours devoted to the project are added to the student’s TCC transcript.

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SLS Faculty

Patrick McDermott | Program Coordinator Associate Professor

Christine Barrilleaux | Professor

Shakonda Diggs | Assistant Professor

Nancy Donovan | Associate Professor

Robin Haggins | Associate Professor 

Leslie Harper | Associate Professor

Bryan Hooper | Associate Professor

Melissa Scalzi | Assistant Professor