Online FAQs

TCC Online Frequently Asked Questions

I am not a current student, but would like to take online courses at TCC.

The "Steps to TCC" page contains important information for prospective online students.

What is my username/password for Canvas

Students will login to Canvas using their eAccount username (the beginning of your TCC email address, which is everything before the @ symbol) and password.

I’m having trouble with activating my eAccount/accessing e-mail/using the EagleNet system

Contact the TCC Helpdesk at (850) 201-8540.

How will I take my tests?

There are a variety of testing methods used in online such as online assessments and project-based evaluation. Contact your instructor if you have questions about testing procedures for your particular course.
Your instructor may require you to come to the Testing Center on the main campus to take exams. If you are outside the Leon, Gadsden, and Wakulla Counties and cannot travel to the Testing Center, you may fulfill the requirement by arranging for proctored testing in your area. Additional fees may apply for tests taken at proctored sites. Fees will vary by site.
Visit the Proctored Testing website or call the Testing Center at (850) 201-6440 for detailed information. You must also contact the Testing Center to complete the process of obtaining off-site testing arrangements.

What are the tuition and fees?

Students enrolling in online courses will be required to pay an additional fee of $10 per credit hour. Additional fees may apply for tests taken at proctored sites. Fees will vary by site.
Please visit the Cashier's Office web page for additional information on tuition, fees, payment deadlines, payment plans, Florida Prepaid Program, and Direct Deposit.

If I am taking an online class, how do I obtain help with the course material?

Every student in an online class will be able to communicate with the instructor. There are several different ways you can obtain help. If your class has a discussion board, you can post a general question so that the instructor can respond. You may convey personal or specific questions to your instructor via email. If you need to speak with your instructor via telephone or in person, please consult his or her syllabus for office hours.

What is the process for getting a TCC student ID if I am an online student?

If you live in the tri-county area (Leon, Gadsden & Wakulla) or will be coming on campus to use any of the campus Learning Commons services (Writing, Math & Science Centers, Student Media Project area), the campus Computer Labs, or the Testing Center, you will need to come on campus to obtain a photo ID card from the Cashier's Office in person.
If you are an online learning student who is not in the tri-county area, you may request a non-photo ID card to use the library online databases or reciprocal library services in your geographic area. Be sure to include your first and last name, your address, telephone, and email. Send an email request to the TCC Cashier.

I would like to register for an online class. Where can I see a list of classes that will be offered?

You can search the schedule of classes by visiting Eaglenet and clicking Search for Open Courses.On the search page:
1.    Select the term you want to register for
2.    Scroll down to Alternative Instructional Methods​ and select Web-Based
3.    Click Search Now

I can’t find my online course on Canvas

Students will be automatically enrolled in their courses in Canvas on the first day of classes. Note that Express Session courses will not be available until the first day of classes for that express session.

Whom can I contact for help using Canvas?

All TCC students can contact Instructure directly for assistance with using the Canvas system. To contact Instructure, please use the Help menu, located in the upper right hand corner of Canvas. Instructure’s Canvas Support is available via phone, email, or online chat, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Please note that Instructure staff cannot assist with username/password issues; students will need to contact the TCC Help Desk by phone, or use the Reset Password link located in TCC Passport.
Students can also contact TCC’s LMS Support Staff for help. LMS Support Staff is available Monday through Friday from 8am to 5pm, but often runs extended support hours to 7:30pm for the first two weeks of each semester.

Can I use my smartphone or tablet to access Canvas?

Yes! Canvas has been designed to function using the web browser on your tablets and smartphones. In addition, students can also download the FREE Canvas app available for Android or iOS devices.

Who is my Online Advisor?

To find a complete list of advisors, visit the "Know Your Advisor" page