Are You Ready for TCC2FSU?

TCC2FSU ensures a seamless transfer to FSU with an Associate in Arts degree from Tallahassee Community College and then a bachelor's degree from Florida State University. Limited access programs at FSU will have additional admission requirements to be admitted to the specific program.
TCC and FSU created TCC2FSU to help you transfer to FSU and earn a bachelors degree with no loss of time, money, or credit. 

  • Receive the latest TCC2FSU updates by signing up to the college app called MYTCC

What is TCC2FSU?

TCC2FSU supports students in their endeavor to graduate with the Associate of Arts (A.A.) degree from Tallahassee Community College and transfer to FSU to receive baccalaureate degree. Personalized advising and electronic tools are utilized to help students understand appropriate classes that align with specific intended majors at FSU. This makes it possible to start at FSU as a junior with at least 60 credit hours. 

TCC2FSU Eligibility: Who can join?

  • Students who intend to complete the A.A. at TCC with an interest in transferring to FSU. The A.A. is a degree that helps students complete the first 60 credits of a bachelor’s program. These must be tailored for intended transfer majors at FSU.
  • Students who have completed 30 credits or less. If you are in high school, your dual enrolled credits count. However, students with more than 30 credits will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

TCC2FSU How to Join:

  • If you were not able to choose to join TCC2FSU on the TCC Admissions Application, please follow the steps listed below to make FSU your  Intended Transfer Institution. (note: students must first activate their TCC email account)
  • Log into your Workday account:
      • From your dashboard, click on “TCC Academics”
      • Go to the “Tasks” section on the right side of the screen and expand it to show all tasks, then click on “Add My Intended Transfer Institution and Program of Study”
      • FIRST, fill in the box marked “Educational Institution” and SECOND, “Program of Study” (choose your major) in that order.
      • Then click the “OK” button at the bottom of the window. When prompted, click “Done.”
      • After confirming the changes, you can click “View My Intended Transfer Institution and Program of Study” to review these items.
  • Once you indicate FSU as your Transfer Institution you can begin to particiapte in any or all TCC2FSU events and advising.

TCC2FSU Benefits:

  • FSU on-campus engagement opportunities through the purchase of the TCC2FSU Facilities pass.
  • The TCC2FSU Transfer Student Scholarship is a merit scholarship eligible only to high-achieving TCC2FSU students. (Summer graduates receive notification during spring only)
  • One-on-one advising, opportunities to connect with respective FSU program coordinators.
  • Receive the latest TCC2FSU updates by signing up to the college app called MYTCC

TCC2FSU Scholarship Information

Award Description:

Pending availability of program funds, Florida State University will award $1,200 toward tuition costs each fall and spring to each recipient who commits to 15 credit enrollment and maintains a 3.0 cumulative GPA. Summer funding is not provided.

Note: Tallahassee Community College and Florida State University reserve the right to adjust scholarship awards as appropriate, and/or discontinue the program at any time. This is a highly competitive selection process and in many instances the applicant GPA far exceeds the minimum 3.50.

Notice of Eligibility

All eligible TCC2FSU members who complete 30+ credits will receive an eligibility email in regards to the TCC2FSU Transfer Student Scholarship Application 8-9 weeks into fall or spring. *Any student graduating in summer should apply during the spring application window.

Applicant Eligibility:

To be eligible for the scholarship, a TCC2FSU student must have at least:

  • An overall TCC GPA of a 3.50
  • *30 credits toward the AA
  • TCC2FSU membership and/or indicated interest in transfer to Florida State University

 *Not all students who complete 30 credits should apply for this scholarship. Students who plan to graduate from TCC in fall, should apply during the same semester for the Spring semester at FSU. Students who plan to graduate from TCC in spring should apply in spring for the Fall FSU semester. Students who plan to graduate in summer should apply in spring. (There is no application window for summer.)

A Scholarship Applicant MUST:

  1. Plan to graduate from TCC with an Associate of Arts Degree
  2. Commit to transfer to FSU immediately after graduating by submitting an FSU application. (Ex: Student graduating in fall must transfer to FSU in spring.)
    1. FSU will verify student acceptance
    2. Funds are not available for summer applicants
    3. Can only take summer “off”, not major semester following graduation
  3. Hold a minimum 3.5 cumulative GPA (as calculated by TCC)
  4. Submit one letter of recommendation
  5. Respond adequately to three scholarship questions

TCC2FSU Rec Pass

TCC2FSU Rec Pass

All members of TCC2FSU can purchase a TCC2FSU Facilities Pass on a semesterly basis. A report is pulled after the drop date of every semester. This report is sent to the FSU Leach Center. Using this report, staff at FSU Leach Center will verify TCC2FSU membership and allow purchase of this pass.

How do I contact an advisor?


  • All students have a TCC academic advisor, assigned to help with registration and career or major exploration. Click TCC Advsior Connection in Workday to find yours.
  • For TCC2 Program questions, please email 



TCC2FSU Checklist for Students

  1. Have you learned the FSU program admission requirements for your major? These include specified coursework, GPA requirements, and any additional special requirements such as test scores. If not, please refer to the FSU Academic Program Guide and review the program description links to understand that there will be some differences in your general education/liberal studies requirements since you are starting your academic career at TCC.
  2. Have you completed an educational plan that shows you can finish the course work within the recommended three-year time frame, including any prerequisites and developmental coursework?  
  3. Do you understand that TCC2FSU benefits are for students who complete the AA degree from TCC? Transferring before your AA degree is 100% complete has no additional benefit.
  4. Do you understand that your admissions and transcript information will be shared between FSU and TCC and any information provided may be retained in the records of both institutions?
  5. Do you understand the benefits of satisfying the TCC2FSU requirements?
  6. Do you understand that in nearing completion of your AA at TCC you must meet all applicable FSU requirements and deadlines pertaining to application for admission, residency, and registration?
  7. It is strongly suggested that you seek academic advisement at TCC each semester to ensure that you are staying on track and completing the appropriate courses.
  8. Do you understand that if you have taken coursework from private or non-Florida public colleges or universities and you want to have the coursework considered for use at TCC and FSU, you must have these courses evaluated and approved prior to use in your AA degree? You should submit all transcripts to TCC prior to enrollment and work with a TCC Advisor at New Student Orientation to learn how your courses will transfer.

Frequently Asked Questions


Why should I sign up for TCC2FSU?

There are multiple benefits, but the primary goal of the program is to facilitate your educational and career success. TCC2FSU students have access to special tools and resources, and are invited to special events at FSU. Once your AA degree at TCC is complete you can seamlessly transition to FSU as a true junior, without loss of time, money, or credit. This program is especially attractive to military students and federal financial aid recipients who may have time and dollar limits on completing their degree. 

NOTE: Limited access majors at FSU are not guaranteed, but TCC2FSU students will have the same access to apply as those students who started as freshmen at FSU.  


  • One-on-one advising with transfer-focused TCC and FSU advisors 
  • Support for students who plan on applying for one of FSU’s competitive limited-access programs 
  • FSU Campus Recreation passes available for purchase per semester for eligible program participants 
  • Special transfer scholarships available

What is the difference between TCC2FSU and 2+2?

TCC2FSU works directly with FSU to ensure our graduates a smooth transfer process. The 2+2 program guarantees admission to at least one of Florida’s state universities, but not necessarily to one of your choice.  Therefore, there is no guaranteed admission into FSU.

Can I complete an AA at TCC and do an FSU online program?

Yes, if you are in a TCC2FSU and your desired major is offered through FSU Online, all credits taken for at TCC will apply to the FSU Online program the same way they would for the on-the-ground program.

What if I do not enroll in TCC2FSU, can I still transfer to FSU through TCC?

Please know that TCC2FSU is not the only way to transfer to FSU! Many students earn their Associates of Arts degree from TCC and successfully transfer to FSU through the 2+2 State Articulation Agreement. The 2+2 program guarantees admission to at least one of Florida’s state universities, but not necessarily to one of your choice. Therefore, there is no guaranteed admission into FSU. TCC academic advisors are available in the TCC Advising Center to assist you in determining your options to transfer to FSU or click for more information on the 2+2 State Articulation Agreement transfer option.

 Degree Major and Advising

How do I know if the program I am interested in at FSU is limited access and/or requires an application in addition to the FSU transfer application?

FSU's Academic Program Guide outlines all program (non-limited access and limited-access) pre-requisites, requirements and admission procedures.

What if I am undecided and don't know my major yet?

TCC has embedded career coaching and specialized academic advising as early as New Student Orientation. This is designed to get you started in general coursework and assist you in selecting a major that matches your personal, educational, and career goals. All students are required to take a College Success course as part of their general education requirements by the completion of 18 credit hours to help you realize your academic and career goals.  By the time you complete 18 credit hours at TCC, you should be decided on a major and ready to declare a transfer major.

Can I change my major once I sign up for TCC2FSU?

Yes, students can change their transfer major while at TCC, without resetting the TCC2FSU start date.  Please keep in mind different majors have different requirements, so changing majors may result in additional coursework, and thus, additional time to complete the AA and pre-requisite coursework.

 Admission into FSU

How do I qualify for TCC2FSU?

Students must enroll at TCC as an AA degree-seeking student with plans to transfer to FSU after earning an AA degree.  

NOTE: The program does not apply to students who attempt to transfer before earning their AA degree at TCC.

How long will it take to get to FSU?

Students may spend different amounts of time finishing their course work at TCC; however, to receive the benefits associated with the TCC2FSU, it is recommended you complete your TCC2FSU coursework and any special requirements within three years (or six fall and spring semesters), starting from the semester you sign up.

It is highly recommended students take classes full-time to complete the AA at TCC as majors and programs and FSU may change requirements. Full-time students who take 12-15 credit hours per semester can anticipate finishing the AA degree in two years. Students may take classes part-time, with the understanding will take longer than two years to earn the 60-credit hour AA at TCC.

Will I still have to apply for admission to FSU even though I completed the TCC application?

Yes. You should apply to FSU after earning 45 college credits. Apply through FSU’s Transfer Admissions website. Be sure to pay attention to deadlines and specific program requirements.

Do I just complete the list of TCC AA degree courses or are there any other requirements about which I should be aware?

It is important to refer to the FSU Academic Program Guide so that you are aware of the grade point average you need to achieve and any other special requirements that need to be addressed in order to complete all elements of both your AA at TCC and be able to enter your bachelor degree at FSU.

How can I meet with an FSU representative in-person?

FSU Advisors are regularly available in TCC’s Advising Center in the Student Union. To see when FSU Advisors will be available, please refer to the Advising Center website. In addition, TCC hosts FSU Day where representatives from most of FSU’s degree programs are present on TCC’s campus to meet with students each Fall and Spring semester.

 Transferring Credits

What if I have dual enrollment, AP, IB, or CLEP credits?

If you bring in accelerated credits (dual enrollment, AP or IB), those classes must meet university milestones as classes in the degree program. You should submit all transcripts and test scores (sent directly from the testing agency) to TCC prior to enrollment and work with a TCC Advisor at New Student Orientation to learn how your courses will transfer.

What if I have taken courses at other colleges or universities?

If you have taken coursework from private or non-Florida public colleges or universities and you want to have the coursework considered for use at TCC and FSU, you must have these courses evaluated and approved prior to use in your AA degree. You should submit all transcripts to TCC prior to enrollment and work with a TCC Advisor at New Student Orientation to learn how your courses will transfer.

Can I transfer to another university besides FSU?

The TCC2FSU is part of an exclusive partnership between the TCC and Florida State University. Click to view our other transfer options.

 Financial & Aid

How much does it cost to be part of TCC2FSU?

There is no additional cost to participate in the TCC2FSU program. While you are at TCC, you will just need to pay TCC tuition and fees. After you transition to FSU, you will pay FSU tuition and fees.

What if I have concerns about paying for a university degree?

The TCC2FSU is designed to help you reduce the time and costs associated with completion of your associate’s and bachelor’s degrees by providing a clear guide explaining all the requirements. TCC2FSU students receive reminders about when to apply for admission and financial aid, and other helpful communications about scholarship programs. There are also a limited amount of TCC2FSU scholarship opportunities available each semester.

 Other Student Types

Can international students sign up for TCC2FSU?

Yes, international students are eligible to enroll and participate in the TCC2FSU, however, there are several important points to consider: International students need to be aware that the “guaranteed admission” benefit of the TCC2FSU assumes that the student meets all the general requirements for admission to the university.   
Credits earned at a foreign institution that may potentially apply to the AA at TCC and must be reviewed by TCC Admissions and Records staff for transferability as well as applicability to specific requirements so that the student will know in advance how those credits apply.

How does TCC2FSU work for readmission students?

Students who have previously attended FSU and are now at a TCC can sign up for a TCC2FSU, but readmission students need to follow any new requirements when they are ready to reapply to FSU.

What if I want to transfer before I complete my AA degree?

FSU does accept applications from transfer students with less than 60 credits of college coursework, but they will not receive the benefits of the TCC2FSU program. Transfer applicants with less than 60 hours (without an AA) must submit college transcripts, high school transcripts, and SAT/ACT scores. If you transfer to FSU without your AA degree, you will be required to complete FSU’s liberal studies requirements. The FSU Admissions Office has additional information for transfer students.

What if I complete my AS degree at TCC?

The AA is the University General Transfer degree, and therefore, AS degrees will not meet the requirements to transfer to FSU. However, AS degree students can complete AA requirements at TCC to apply to transfer to FSU under the 2+2 option.