Consortium Agreements with Other Educational Institutions

TCC Students Taking Classes at Another Institution

TCC students who wish to study at another institution may be eligible to apply for a consortium agreement so they can receive financial aid through TCC while at the other school. No student may receive more than one consortium agreement in their academic history, except when it is necessitated as part of a dual enrollment program.

To determine if a student is eligible for a consortium agreement, he/she must consult with Enrollment Services who will have him/her complete the form titled "Receiving Financial Aid While Attending Another Institution ." To qualify for financial aid while participating in transient study, students must be a degree seeking, fully admitted, regular student at TCC, take courses that will apply toward their degree at TCC and be enrolled in at least six credit hours at the host school, or a combination of six hours at TCC and the host school. Upper division credits cannot be counted for receiving financial aid on consortium agreements. Upper division courses are junior and senior level courses. The host school also has to agree to accept the consortium agreement.

Consortium Agreements are NOT sent to the Host Institution, until the students provides proof of registration and a paid fee slip for any classes in which a student has registered. (The student must pay out-of pocket for classes at the host institution).

Financial aid is not awarded based on the hours a student is taking, until confirmation of class attendance is verified. An attendance form will be mailed to the student after, receipt of the original consortium form is received from the host institution. The student must then submit the consortium attendance form to the financial aid office.

It is the student's responsibility to ensure that all transcripts are submitted at the end of the term to enrollment services. Failure to provide a copy of grades could result in the return of the funds received for that semester (R2T4 repayment) and a hold will be placed on the student's account.

Transient Students Taking Classes at TCC

Students who are taking classes at TCC, but are earning their degree from another institution are considered transient students for financial aid purposes. Financial aid must be awarded by the institution where the student is earning the degree. This can only be accomplished through a Consortium Agreement issued by the degree granting school. Students should contact their home institution for instructions.

(The student must pay out-of pocket for classes at TCC)

Consortium forms for host institutions will not be completed until after the drop/add period for the appropriate term at TCC. Also, attendance must be verified before consortium form will be completed.