Peer Leaders

About the Peer Leader Program


The mission of the TCC Peer Leader Program is to provide a student leadership experience, characterized by enhancement of leadership skills in order to help connect other students to campus resources, by promoting service opportunities to enhance civic engagement and by infusing scholarship to support higher academic achievement. 

Goals & Strategies


Engage in leadership skill development by actively and purposefully committing to guiding and assisting any individual, group, organization, or community in meeting its goals.

Student Engagement

Strengthen overall student engagement by utilizing Peer Leaders to aid in increasing the awareness of campus resources, services and programs.


Develop and participate in monthly service projects and collaborate with campus services and community organizations in and around Leon, Gadsden and Wakulla counties.

Civic Engagement      

Promote civic mindedness on the campus, locally and beyond by providing opportunities to create and participate in appropriate settings.


Successfully connects intellectual and academic skills and practical skills utilizing critical and reflective thinking to draw summations with effective reasoning and creative thought.


Opportunities to develop effective soft skills for increased employability such as communication skills, leadership skills and teamwork

Provide you with the opportunity to meet and network with a variety of people

Provide you the opportunity to share your knowledge with current students

Provide you with a tuition and fees paid scholarship for the school year

Provide you with opportunities to build your resume

Provide you with comprehensive training on many aspects of Tallahassee Community College

Application Requirements

Have a GPA of 3.0 or higher

Be a current senior at a Gadsden, Leon, or Wakulla High School

Preference: Letter of recommendation from Guidance Counselor or Principal

Program Requirements

Maintain a 3.0 GPA or higher

Work five (5) hours a week in the office you are assigned to

Attend weekly team meeting

Attend one (1) event that you are not working each month

Complete between two (2) hours of community service each month at a location or project determined by you and your Peer Leader Captain and approved by the Student Life Coordinator

Plan and implement one (1) workshop each year with your team

Attend all trainings and seminars that don’t interfere with your class schedule

Be open to volunteer for all leadership opportunities that may arise for you, including any conferences or retreats that you may qualify and apply for

Complete reflections each month on events and service and a reflection each year on your workshopworkshop

High School Guidance Counselor Information

To submit a recommendation, please send the Peer Leader Scholarship Recommendation to, fax: (850) 201-8427, or mail to Office of Student Life, Student Union 186, 444 Appleyard Dr., Tallahassee, Fl 32304

For information on becoming a Peer Leader, contact the office of Student Life at, or explore these and other scholarship opportunities here.


Office of Student Life

Contact Information

Office of Student Life

Student Union 185

(850) 201-9967