Student Government

A Welcome from Your Student Government

We are privileged and honored to welcome you to the Tallahassee Community College (TCC). As your Student Body Executive Board, we are looking forward to making our campus more customized towards you. As the Student Government Association (SGA), we are here to:

  • Respond and resolve issues or concerns expressed by the student body.
  • Support student feedback.
  • Act as a liaison between the students and the administration.
  • Assist in the establishment and maintenance of conditions conductive to student success, student learning and an enriched extracurricular environment.
  • Act on matters which promote the general welfare of the student body.
  • Ensure Student Activity and Service fees that are allocated and used to support the extracurricular and co-curricular interests of the student body as a whole.

Please visit our website on MyTCC to stay involved and hear about our agenda. If you have any questions, concerns, ideas, or improvements please feel free to stop by our office located in the Student Union, in the Student Life Office (Room 185) or comment on our MyTCC page. We look forward to hearing your ideas and working with all of you to ensure a year of innovation and success that is sure to produce lifelong returns.

SGA Executive Officers


Vice President




Zaria Meeks


(850) 201-9966

Hi, my name is Zaria Meeks, and I am from Thomasville, Georgia/Tallahassee, Florida. I am an interdisciplinary medical science major with plans of transferring to Florida State University to later go to medical school and specialize in cardiothoracic surgery. During my free time, I like to enjoy outside activities such as hiking, canoeing, and swimming.  An interesting fact about me is that I was Senior Class President and crowned homecoming queen in high school.

Vice President

Quintoria Sneed


(850) 201-9629

Hi my name is Quintoria Ashanti Sneed. I am 19 years old. I currently reside in Tallahassee, FL, but  I was born and raised in Pompano beach, FL  were I graduated from Blanche Ely High School. I am currently a sophomoreignite student here a Tallahassee Community College hoping to transfer to Florida Agricultural & Mechanical University were I will major in Political science. On my down time I love to spend time at home with friends and family. One of my future career goals is to become a District Attorney. Thank you for this opportunity and honor to serve you as your 2021-2022 SGA secretary.


Jordan Casaberry


(850) 201-8423


Amanda Norman


(850) 201-8975

Amanda is a history major from San Francisco and has been living here in Tallahassee for about two years. She plans to follow this education track thru to FSU and become a history teacher. Amanda was a Senator in SGA before being elected as Treasurer, as well as being Chair of the Community Service Committee and a member of the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society. In her spare time Amanda is an avid reader and surfer and has an extensive vinyl record collection.   


Legislative Agenda/FCSSGA

About Us: The Florida College System Student Government Association (FCSSGA) represents the nearly one million students enrolled in the Florida College System's 28 colleges. The organization promotes legislative advocacy and training, leadership development, service learning, promotion of campus activities, and strong citizenship.

Our Mission: To unify the member colleges in order to best attend to the appropriate concerns of the students of the Florida College System and serve as a vehicle to communicate these concerns to the Florida Legislature.

2019-2020 FCSSGA Platform

College Affordability

  • FCSSGA supports HB 55 Sunshine Scholarship Program
  • FCSSGA supports SB 66 Student Loans and Scholarship Obligations of Health Care Practitioners
  • FCSSGA supports SB 188 Student Eligibility Requirements for State Financial Aid Awards and Tuition Assistance Grants

Opportunities & Resources for Florida College System Students

  • FCSSGA supports HB 251 Students Participating in Intercollegiate Athletics
  • FCSSGA supports HB 287 Postsecondary Student Athletes

Campus Safety & Security

  • FCSSGA supports HB 117 Concealed Weapons or Concealed Firearms Licensing
  • FCSSGA does not support HB 273 Carrying of Firearms
  • FCSSGA does not support HB 6001 Licenses to Carry Concealed Weapons or Firearms
  • FCSSGA does not support HB 6003 Firearms

Educational Opportunities for Florida College System Students

  • FCSSGA supports HB 171 Postsecondary Education for Certain Military Personnel
  • FCSSGA supports HB 187 Postsecondary Education for Secondary Students
  • FCSSGA supports SB 96 Educational Opportunities for Veterans
  • FCSSGA supports SB 418 Workforce Education

Student Government Association Contact Information

Student Union 185 I (850) 201-9966 I

Office of Student Life

Contact Information

Office of Student Life

Student Union 185

(850) 201-9967