Enrollment Appeal Forms

Forms for Enrollment Appeals

The appeal form and supporting documentation may be faxed to (850) 201-8473, emailed to studentaffairs@tcc.fl.edu or brought to the Office of Student Affairs.

Full Cost of Instruction Waiver

Per Florida statute 1009.285, “A student enrolled in the same undergraduate, college-credit course more than twice shall pay tuition at 100 percent of the full cost of instruction.”

If a student enrolls into a course for the third time and has documented proof of extenuating circumstances or “financial hardship,” the student may file the following appeal to waive the full cost of instruction. This appeal will be reviewed by the Enrollment Appeals Committee.

If approved, the out-of-state portion of the student’s obligation will be removed.

Petition to Change Academic Transcript - Late Withdrawals/Cancellation of Term

For Withdrawal of Term, the petition packet must be submitted to Student Affairs within one year after the end of the term the courses were taken.

For Cancellation/Removal of Term, the petition packet must be submitted to Student Affairs by the end of the semester in question.

The petition packet will be reviewed by the Enrollment Appeals Committee. Responses by the Committee will be sent to the student's TCC email.

If approved by the committee, the semester will either be removed from the student’s transcript or the grades replaced with Ws, according to the decision made. Any questions concerning refund or financial obligation should be addressed in the Financial Aid Office.

Request to Repeat Passed Course(s)

Per Florida Administrative Code 6A-14.0301, repeat enrollment in courses in which a grade of C or above has been earned is prohibited. Exceptions can be made based on College procedure. TCC, through the Enrollment Appeals Committee, will consider appeals based on the approved policy noted on the form.

If approved, the requested course(s) will be opened for the student to enroll.