College Ombuds

The College Ombuds provides confidential, impartial, independent and informal assistance to students in addressing academic and nonacademic issues at the College that current processes and procedures have not resolved. The Ombuds is located in the Department of Student Service, Student Union Room 154. For more information, call (850) 201-6140 or send an email to

The Ombuds may:

  • Answer questions
  • Help analyze the student’s situation
  • Help develop options for addressing the student’s situation/concern
  • Identify and explain current College policies and procedures
  • Listen to the student’s concerns and complaints
  • Refer the student to appropriate resource and/or arrange meetings

The Ombuds cannot:

  • Advocate for specific outcomes
  • Force any College office to change a decision
  • Make binding or administrative decisions
  • Make decisions for the student
  • Make, change or set aside policy, procedures, rules or regulations
  • Provide legal advice or represent students in a legal matter
  • Replace or circumvent existing channels 

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