Written Student Complaint Procedures

A student complaint is based upon a claim that a policy or procedure was not followed or was not applied equitably (Board Policy 10-08: Student Complaints, Appeals and Grade Disputes).

Note: Students wishing to dispute a grade should follow the grade dispute process outlined in the catalog. Students wishing to appeal for cancellation of classes, late withdrawal, full-cost-of-instruction waiver, to enroll in a fourth attempt, or to repeat a course in which they earned a grade of C or higher should contact the Office of Student Affairs at 850-201-8490 or studentaffairs@tcc.fl.edu

  • If a student believes that a policy or procedure was not followed or applied equitably, every effort is made to resolve the issue through informal investigation and discussion between the parties involved.
  • If a student believes that a policy or procedure was not followed or applied equitably and informal resolution is not achieved, the student may submit a written complaint to the supervisor of the department within ten (10) business days of the alleged violation. Written complaints must be factual and specific and submitted on the Student Complaint Form. This form is also available in the Office of Student Affairs in the Student Union (SU), room 203. Supporting documents may be submitted with the complaint form. 
  • The supervisor will address the complaint and attempt to resolve the issue with the student within ten (10) business days of receiving the complaint. The supervisor will provide a written response to the student detailing the outcome of the complaint. NB: The supervisor should consult directly with Human Resources with regard to any complaint involving issues of harassment, equity, or the Americans with Disabilities Act.
  • If the supervisor is unable to resolve the complaint or the student is not satisfied with the resolution, the student may appeal to the appropriate vice president or executive director within ten (10) business days of the date of the written response from the department supervisor. The vice president or executive director will render a decision within ten (10) business days of the appeal. The decision of the vice president or executive director is final.
  • All written student complaints shall be retained. The vice president for student affairs will review complaints, on a regular basis, for trends or patterns.
  • Distance learning students outside of Florida who have followed the guidance above and still have concerns your issue have not been resolved may contact NC Sara at: NC SARA FORM  and follow the directions on the form.


Academic Affairs

Behavioral, Social Sciences & Education Dr. Richard Murgo, Dean hss@tcc.fl.edu 
Business, Industry & Technology Dr. Stephen Dunnivant, Dean bit@tcc.fl.edu
Communications and Humanities Dr. Tracy Woodward, Dean cohu@tcc.fl.edu
Healthcare Professions Stephanie Solomon, Dean hcp@tcc.fl.edu
Learning Commons Dr. Nicholas Vick learningcommons@tcc.fl.edu
Library Stephen Banister libdiroffc@tcc.fl.edu
Science & Math Anthony Jones, Dean naturalsciences@tcc.fl.edu
Transitional Studies Sharisse Turner, Associate Dean transitionalstudies@tcc.fl.edu

Administrative Services

Financial Aid Bill Spiers, Director finaid@tcc.fl.edu

Center for Innovation

  Dr. Scott Balog, Executive Director  balogs@tcc.fl.edu

Florida Public Safety Institute

Certificate Programs E.E. Eunice, Director fpsi@tcc.fl.edu

Student Affairs

Admissions and Records Melinda Rodgers, Dean  ar@tcc.fl.edu
Advising and Retention Henry Ponciano, Dean advising@tcc.fl.edu  
Athletics Rob Chaney, Director athletics@tcc.fl.edu
Student Services Dr. Gerald Jones, Dean dos@tcc.fl.edu
Student Affairs Dr. Sheri Rowland, Vice President for Student Affairs StudentAffairs@tcc.fl.edu  

Workforce Development

Adult Education (GED/ESOL) Tiffaney Barnes, Program Coordinator ae@tcc.fl.edu
Business and Industry Dr. Catrenia McLendon, Director workforce@tcc.fl.edu
Gadsden Center Kourtney Lewis, Center Manager workforce@tcc.fl.edu
Manufacturing Dr. Catrenia McLendon, Program Manager amtc@tcc.fl.edu 
Online Training Tiffaney Barnes, Program Coordinator workforce@tcc.fl.edu
Professional Development Jessica Griffin, Program Coordinator workforce@tcc.fl.edu
Wakulla Center Desiree Gorman, Center Manager workforce@tcc.fl.edu

If your complaint is not resolved by the College after all avenues within the College have been addressed, student my contact the State of Florida at http://www.fldoe.org/schools/higher-ed/fl-college-system/about-us/complaints.stml