Dental Hygiene students posed as though x-raying a patient's teeth

Dental Hygiene Clinic


The Dental Hygiene Clinic, a state-of-art clinic with new technologies, offers preventative dental services including cleanings, x-rays, and other dental therapy. 

These services are offered to students, College faculty and staff, and the general public. 

Students enrolled in the AS Degree in Dental Hygiene are the primary providers of the services in this student-learning environment and are carefully supervised by the Dental Hygiene Program's faculty and dentists.

The appointment length is approximately 3 - 4 hours.

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Services We Offer

Dental Examination
Dental screening prior to initial visit


Standard Cleaning
Students/Senior Citizens (55+)


Full Mouth Series/Panorex
4 Bitewings
Single Tooth



How do I become a patient?

As a school, patients are scheduled according to students' learning needs. To become a patient, call 850.201.8247 to schedule a free appointment for a dental screening. At this appointment, there will be a short examination to determine your treatment needs. Patients are scheduled in the clinic after your needs are matched with the needs of a student in the program.

How much does it cost for services, and can I pay with insurance or a credit card?

Fees for services are noted on the front of this flyer. Only cash is accepted as payment.

What patient ages are seen in the clinic?

Children (age 5 and older) are treated on a very limited basis, as primarily adult patients are seen. Children must be supervised at all times. The guardian or caretaker of any patient (child, elderly or disabled) must stay the entire appointment, in case of emergency.

What days are appointments available?

Each semester is different depending upon which student requirements are needed.

If I was told by a dental office that I have gum disease or need a “deep cleaning”, can I still be a patient here?

Yes, students must treat a variety of patients with different levels of periodontal (gum) needs. After patients are screened here, they are scheduled according to students’ learning needs.

How long are appointments and why?

Since the clinic is actually a class for students, the appointments are longer than a typical dental visit. Patients are usually here for 4 hours. It is important to plan to arrive on time and remain for the entire appointment. This class time is vital for students’ learning experience. Each patient encounter is a daily grade for our students. Without patients, the students cannot practice their skills. The accrediting body requires that clinical hours be completed and skills practiced before the students can receive a passing grade in each course. We appreciate your understanding as our students gain experience while providing a beneficial service at a very low cost to our community.

How many times do I have to come here?

Each patient has different needs. Patients are scheduled for the number of appointments necessary to complete the treatment determined at the screening. Some patients can be completed in 1 appointment, while others have more involved dental needs, requiring multiple appointments.

Do you provide restorations (fillings) or extractions (pull teeth)?

No, only preventive services are provided.

Do you take walk-ins?

No. It is by appointment only.

Is there anything else I should know?

Bring a blanket as the clinic is cold for hygienic purposes, year round.

For more information, contact the Healthcare Professions Division at (850) 558-4500 or by email at