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Global Education

Program Information

Global Education students will get the opportunity to submerge and experience the world and its diverse cultures. Through coursework opportunities, you gain camaraderie with other Global Education students and faculty. By joining and participating in the Global Gateway program at TCC, it will be recognized on your transcript.

*Membership and participation in approved TCC student clubs, organizations, and academic teams is open to all currently enrolled students who have paid the Student Activity and Service Fee for the current semester in which the student is a member or requests to become a member of the student organization.

Global Gateway

The Global Gateway program consists of courses and activities students must complete in order to graduate with Global Gateway recognition. Requirements are:

Two (2) Required Courses:

  • IDS2311: Global Perspectives: An Interdisciplinary Course in Globalism (3)
  • SYG2012: Global Issues (3)

One Elective Course to be chosen from the list below:

  • LIT2323: Multicultural Mythology (3)
  • MUN2830: African Drum and Dance Ensemble (3)
  • INR2002: International Relations (3) *Social Science TCC Core
  • ANT2211: Peoples of the World (3) * Social Science TCC Core
  • HUM2740: Humanities Study Abroad 1 (3)
  • HUM2741: Humanities Study Abroad II (3) – Cancelled
  • Other upon approval

Attend five (5) Global Events

In addition, students who wish to graduate from TCC with Global Recognition (recognition at TCC's graduation ceremony and an official transcript notation certifying "Global Gateway Program Graduate") must complete the following:

  • 15 credit hours in courses designated as Global Gateway (see below)
    • Six credit hours from the Arts & Sciences category
    • Six credit hours from the History & Social Sciences category
    • Three credit hours from the Electives category
  • Global Capstone course - IDS2311 Global Perspectives: An Interdisciplinary Course in Globalism
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Global Education Faculty Information

The Global Gateway Program depends on faculty members who possess an interest in global learning and a desire to help students experience the thrills and challenges of exploring other cultures. ​

Global Council

The Global Council will coordinate the TCC Global Learning Program, including initiatives and activities related to global program recruitment, credentials, courses, and curriculum, grants, scholarships, student advising, student leadership opportunities, and support for students as they transition to their next level of education or the workforce.

Members serve two-year terms with half the members rotating each year.  Members may apply for repeat terms, but will not have priority over new applicants.

Current Members

  • Brian Kupfer​ (Faculty Coordinator)
  • Daniel Beugnet (Developmental Communication and College Success)
  • Fyiane Nsilo-Swai (Library)
  • Jenny Perkins (Communications and Humanities)
  • Lee Kitchen (Technology and Professional Programs)
  • Lei Wang (Institutional Effectiveness)
  • Marissa Mainwood (Workforce Development)
  • Martin Balinsky (Science and Math)
  • Melissa Scalzi (Learning Commons)
  • Rosalinda Wright (Communications and Humanities)
  • Tom Waller (History and Social Sciences)

For More Information

Contact Us

Melissa Scalzi

(850) 201-6645

For Faculty

To teach the capstone course, or to propose a new global course,

faculty should contact their Dean and the Global Program Faculty Coordinator.