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Our Most Popular Path to FSU

aspire logoWho should consider this program?

Eligible students are those who intend to complete the A.A. at TCC with an interest in transferring to FSU. The A.A. is a degree that helps students complete the first 60 credits of a bachelor’s program. These must be tailored for intended transfer majors at FSU.

Prospective Students

Apply for admission to TCC using our online application and select the Aspire program on your application.

Current Students

If you were not able to choose to join Aspire on the TCC Admissions Application, please follow the steps listed below to make FSU your Intended Transfer Institution.

(Note: students must first activate their TCC email account)

  • Log into your Workday account
  • From your dashboard, click on “TCC Academics”
  • Go to the “Tasks” section and click on “Add My Intended Transfer Institution and Program of Study”
  • First, fill in the box marked “Educational Institution” and second, “Program of Study” (choose your major) in that order
  • Click the “OK” button at the bottom of the window. When prompted, click “Done”
  • After confirming the changes, click “View My Intended Transfer Institution and Program of Study” to review these items

Once you indicate FSU as your Transfer Institution, you can begin to participate in any or all Aspire events and advising.

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