FL Prepaid Program


The Florida Prepaid College Plan can be utilized at Tallahassee Community College. The Florida Prepaid College Plan tuition contract covers the tuition, or "registration fees," at universities and community colleges. Please note the Florida Prepaid College Plan does not cover all TCC expenses. 

How It Works

The Florida Prepaid College Plan will issue documentation to the beneficiary to present to Tallahassee Community College at the time of registration and fee payment. The student will be responsible for all fees not covered by the plan on the published payment due date. The College will then bill the program for the tuition costs covered by the student's plan.

Prepaid Options

The Florida Prepaid College Plan offers three different tuition plans, a local fee plan and dormitory plan (dormitory plan is not applicable at TCC).

Account owners may choose one of three options if their child is also eligible for the Florida Bright Futures Scholarship.

  • Option 1 The account owner may use the Florida Prepaid College Plan benefits as originally planned. The college or university will issue a check to the student for the scholarship. These funds may then be used by the student to offset expenses that are not covered by the Prepaid contract.
  • Option 2 The account owner may transfer the contract to a family member of the original beneficiary; however, plan benefits may not be transferred in the same year usage occurred.
  • Option 3 The account owner may request a scholarship refund and receive an amount equal to the current rates for state university fees paid on a semester-by-semester basis.

How to Activate Your Plan

 The Florida Prepaid Plan will automatically activate in Workday.

***Please be aware that you may still owe additional fees that are not covered by Florida Prepaid.***

How to Opt-Out of Using Your Plan

Follow these steps in Workday if you do not want to use your Florida Prepaid Plan:

  1. From the Workday dashboard search window type: "Create Request"
  2. Select the "Create Request" link from the Tasks and Report menu
  3. In the Request Type field type: "opt out Florida Prepaid"
  4. Select the "Request to Opt-Out of Using My Florida Prepaid Plan" menu item
  5. Complete the information requested ensuring you enter a reason within the specified field
  6. Click the orange "Submit" button
  7. Click the orange "Done" button

For more information, visit the Florida Prepaid College Program website.