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Credit for Military Experience

Credit for Prior Training applies to the program of education currently being pursued and shortens the program accordingly. It is the veteran’s responsibility to:
  1. Request academic transcripts from all prior postsecondary educational institutions (including service schools) you have attended. Transcripts must be received and evaluated by the end of the second semester of enrollment.
  2. Notify the TCC Veterans Affairs Office once Admissions and Records complete the evaluation.
  3. Avoid taking courses you may later receive transfer credit for. If you earned a large number of credits at one or more of your prior educational institutions, VA may delay awarding of benefits pending the receipt of TCC’s prior credit evaluation of the student. The VA Coordinator cannot certify courses that the student has previously completed if transfer credit is granted by the Admissions and Records office.

Any veteran who has completed at least one year of active duty service with an honorable discharge is entitled to seven hours of military credit. This includes:

  • HSC 1100 (3 credit hours)
  • PEO 2005 (2 credit hours)
  • MSL 1001 (1 credit hour)
  • MSL 1002 (1 credit hour)

To receive these credits, the student must complete one semester at TCC and submit a copy of their DD214 Members 4 to the Office of Admissions and Records, along with a written request for the seven hours of military credit.

Getting ACE Credits

The first step to claiming the credits earned is to request a transcript from military service.

As of March 1, 2013,Joint Services Transcript (JST) has replaced the AARTS (Army transcript), SMART (Navy transcript), and Coast Guard Institute Transcript. The JST brings unity to the transcripts for all military training and experience for service members of all branches, with the exception of the Air Force, which has its own, regionally accredited transcript. The online JST service includes Officer and Warrant Officer training, joint military training conducted by other services, and DANTES-funded test scores.

NOTE: If either link prompts you with a security warning, simply accept the security certificate or follow the instructions to add an exception to your browser.

Called to Active Duty

Leaving Tallahassee Community College 

Veterans attending TCC who are called back to active duty must contact their instructor to determine the best course of action.


If the term has already begun, they should submit a withdrawal form to TCC's Veterans Affairs office Admissions and Records will process the withdrawal.

For a call to active duty for deployment and/or mobilization, a copy of orders is required along with the withdrawal form which identifies the current date as the “date of withdrawal,” and gives “called to active duty” as the withdrawal reason. Veterans will need to submit a copy of their orders to:

Tallahassee Community College
Attention: Veterans Affairs Office
444 Appleyard Drive
Tallahassee, Florida 32304

Selective Drops

Veterans may choose to drop one or more courses and elect to complete the remaining coursework according to the options noted below.


Those who have successfully completed the majority of work for a course may be awarded a grade of “I” at the discretion of the instructor. It may also be possible for an extension to be granted on incompletes if the student is absent for an extended period of time.

Final Grade

If the instructor determines that a sufficient amount of coursework has been completed, and there is sufficient information about the student's performance in the course, an instructor may choose to award a final grade. The student must consult with the instructor to determine whether these two requirements have been met.

Veterans who currently have loans should contact their loan lender for information regarding being on active duty. For loans processed through the Financial Aid Office, please contact (850) 201-8399 for more information.

Returning to Tallahassee Community College

Veterans who are eligible to continue for the next Fall, Spring, or Summer term will be sent an enrollment appointment time via the email address listed in the TCC portal.

When ready to return to TCC, veterans should notify the Veterans Affairs Office of their plans so that enrollment eligibility can be reactivated, if necessary.

Veterans who took transfer coursework during their leave from TCC should submit their transcript to Admissions and Records so that the transfer credit can be posted to their TCC record. To ensure priority enrollment based on the additional transfer credits earned, veterans may wish to submit an application for readmission by applying online.