Claims Process

All incidents (accidents, injuries, property damage, thefts, violence, etc.) that occur on College property must be reported to the TCC's Police Department (TCCPD) and/or an immediate supervisor immediately or as soon as it is safe to do so. TCCPD will investigate as needed and complete a report and forward to Risk Management for review.

Employees who experience a work-related injury or illness should also contact Human Resources to initiate the worker's compensation claims process.


Allied Health Professional Liability Student Insurance

View additional information about  Allied Health Professional Liability Student Insurance.

Intercollegiate Athletic Student Accident Insurance

TCC’s Athletics Department and Administrative Services work together to handle the filing of claims for student-athlete accidents. 

View additional information about Intercollegiate Athletic Student Accident Insurance.

Education/Training Student Accident Insurance

Students are responsible for submitting all related medical bills resulting from an injury and any other supporting documentation. 

Example of a Claim: A student suffers a laceration requiring medical attention while participating in a clinical experience as part of his or her education or training coursework.

View additional information about Education/Training Student Accident Insurance.

Facilities Use Liability

If the College grants permission for an external organization to use College facilities, it is with the express condition that the user assumes full responsibility for any loss or damage resulting from such use. The Director of Procurement and Auxiliary Services will work with the third party to ensure all insurance requirements are met and provided to the College.

For additional information, please contact Risk Management.

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