Risk Management

The Risk Management Office is responsible for administering the College's risk management and insurance programs, with a goal to collaboratively evaluate and manage the risks in order to eliminate or mitigate adverse effects to the College.

Risk Management should be consulted whenever there are questions related to the management of risks. We can assist with the identification and assessment of potential risks and provide guidance to best address those risks.

We focus on risk minimization by promoting a safe, healthy workplace for staff, faculty, students, and the visiting public. Risk Management's main objective is to protect the College.

The College is a participating member of the Florida College System Risk Management Consortium (FCSRMC),  a program of self-insurance authorized by Florida law that allows the colleges in the state to join together to develop & implement a statewide cooperative system of risk management under one comprehensive plan. Risk Management works closely with FCSRMC concerning any accidents, injuries and other potential risks to the College. Accordingly, all insurance-related inquiries, including the claims process, should be directed to the Risk Management Office.

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