Money Back Guarantee Programs

Student Eligibility Criteria

A student is considered eligible if they cannot obtain employment in the occupation in which the student was trained within six (6) months of successful completion of the workforce program. After completing the eligible workforce program, the student cannot be enrolled in an upper-level stackable program.

  1. Student attendance – Students must be continuously enrolled full-time (as defined by the program) throughout the program and meet the enrollment verification standards each term (aka. No Show).
  2. Student program performance – Student must successfully complete all required and recommended courses, earning a grade of C or better in all coursework. Students receiving a W, D, F, or I grade are not eligible. Students must remain in good standing throughout the duration of the program, including not having an academic integrity violation or student code of conduct, disciplinary record, or sanctions. In addition, the student must pass all licensure exams associated with the program.
  3. Career Service or Career Day attendance – Students must provide verifiable documentation as evidence of career service or career day/career fair attendance and participation for at least three events upon application for the guarantee. This may include at least three pre-approved career development workshops while enrolled at the college.
  4. Participation in an internship or work-study program – As applicable, the student must provide verifiable documentation of satisfactory participation in an internship or work-study program related to the degree for which the guarantee is being considered. Approved work-based learning opportunities may be included.
  5.  Job Search Documentation – The student must be legally eligible for employment within the U.S. and must not have a criminal background that prevents employment within the career field. The student must provide verifiable documentation that they have registered with Employ Florida and worked with their local Career Source office to search for employment in the field of interest. The student must demonstrate through verifiable documentation they have been actively searching for in-field employment for at least 6 months from the date of program completion. This search must include the verifiable submission of at least 25 applications that are related to the field of study. The student must provide evidence of completing at least 10 good faith interviews for jobs related to their program of study (e.g., documents such as an email or letter of invitation to interview, confirmation of non-selection etc.).
  6. Development of a Student career plan with the institution’s career services department. The student must provide verifiable documentation as evidence of the creation of and adherence to a career plan in conjunction with a TCC Career Services Advisor. Students must provide evidence of the career plan.

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