Open Education Resources

Open Education Resources

Tallahassee Community College is committed to lowering the cost of textbooks through the use of open education resources. Faculty are eligible to propose implementation of  open education resources into existing TCC courses. OER are instructional materials such as textbooks that are free to users and openly licensed to allow unlimited distribution and modification. To pilot the introduction of OER on campus and assist with course transitions, we are awarding $1,250 per course.

Focus of this project is on ADOPTING OER which is defined as incorporating previously published open access materials into one's class, thereby eliminating the need for students to purchase textbooks or other course materials.

Eligibility: All faculty and adjuncts. Faculty will be given preference.  High enrollment general education courses will be given preference.

Requirements: Adopt, adapt, or create Open Educational Resources (OER) to replace existing materials in a course currently offered at TCC. All implemented OER must be licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution (CC-BY) license or similar. The course will be a master course to be used by other faculty and adjuncts. Expectation to maintain the converted course as OER for three years. 

Evaluation Criteria:

  • Potential savings and remaining costs for TCC students
  • Applicant’s preparation to successfully implement OER
  • Feasibility of implementing OER transition by Fall 2018
  • Creativity of proposed adoption/adaptation/creation

10 to 12 week Project

Course Conversion Stipend = $1250 per course

Click here to submit a proposal.

Submit to Dean for review and approval, then submit to AVP for review and approval.